Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 17th agenda

Forensic on Forensics - @sallyvdv

For a student just getting started in digital forensics, concepts regarding forensic images can be confusing.  Terminology like images, clones, bit-stream copies and forensic images are often used inconsistently, further complicating the issue.  This talk will attempt to clear up the confusion by presenting an instructive clarification of what a forensic image is as well as what it is not.   In addition, it will provide a comprehensive look at several different free tools to create forensic images along with methods to access the embedded data.  

Hunting open source for internal evil - @bl4ck_0ut

1) Blog hunting
2) Feed hunting
3) Hash tag hunting

It'll be at 7 PM at EMU Livonia campus, room number to follow.  Food will be provided.

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